Best Stylists In Brisbane

Best stylists in Brisbane

A men’s stylist in Brisbane visit may feel like another chore in today’s hectic world. Talented Brisbane men’s stylists have seized the challenge of turning this mandatory visit into a luxurious experience. This new breed of barbers offers everything from cut-throat shaves to world-class coffee, art, and gaming. We’ve found Brisbane’s best barber shops so you can get skilled grooming when needed.

  1. Chopspot Barbershop

2015’s newcomer has quickly become one of Brisbane’s greatest barbershops. The Chopspot blends modern culture and old-world barber shop memories for a unique experience. Relax with a free drink as professionals cut or shave your hair. The Chopspot is popular for straight razor neck shaves and heated towels so you can feel like a gentleman in Brisbane’s West End.

  1. Barberlanganis

Langanis Barber combines art, entertainment, innovative hairstyling, and delicious coffee. Michael Langanis’ raw, urban salon delivers a different experience every time you visit. Langanis Barber promotes local talent. Fresh artworks embellish the walls of this modern gallery space. If you’re not into art, play PlayStation. This Barbershop’s espresso bar makes it hard to leave.

  1. Villains and Heroes Barbers

Heroes + Villains Barbershop was founded by Dmitri Papas, Justin Pace, and Tim Hanlon. This West End shop’s talented team emphasizes style, service, and precision cutting. These barbers can give you a personalised cut or Redken camo color treatment.

  1. Jimmy Rods

Jimmy Rods is a macho paradise with charcoal walls and wood paneling. In this relaxed atmosphere, guys can get experienced barbers. 12 years in the company, Jimmy Rod has created his business with nine good barber shops across Brisbane. This elegant guy cave has leather couches, PlayStations, and barbers.

  1. Men’s Salon Barber

The Men’s Lounge Barber offers old-school cuts and styling for modern men. Red leather seats, oak panelling, and a dynamic crew of barbers take you to a nostalgic past. Whether you’re a young man getting a new trim or a youngster going for his first men’s stylist Brisbane visit, the skilled crew will guarantee you leave happy.

  1. Emporium Barber

The Emporium Barber has three locations in Brisbane, giving men plenty of grooming options. This men’s Barbershop specialises in shaves and fashion-forward hairstyles. While one of Emporium’s specialists works their magic, enjoy a free beer or coffee.


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