Qualities Of A Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is someone who can play with colours so tactically. He or She creates a new look that no body even have a doubt that it is being changed by makeup. We can play with colours on anyone. We can give a mesmerizing look to a person who has a few abnormal features which people consider as unattractive. We can change them by using a new techniques and cosmetics. It is a talent that comes with practice and constant struggle. We can’t conquer this talent with having a few certificates in hand. We have to prove our self by applying those techniques on people and make them look entire changed.

The Qualities:

There are many qualities that a makeup artist has. A few basic qualities that are common in all the experts are given below.

• Know How to Contour:

Contouring is a makeup technique. It is a crucial part of a makeup. It has to be done according to its rule and techniques. One wrong step of contouring can make a disaster and ruin a whole look. We do contour for giving cuts and shapes to a face. For example, if a face is chubby and we want to make it look slimmer in photographs, we can easily do with the help of a contouring. We have to be very specific about picking the areas and bones. A wrong step may lead a model look ugly and fatty.

• Makeup, According to a Face Shape:

We all are blessed with different facial features. A skilled makeup artist can play with the features as well by making them look bigger or small. People having small eyes, hooded eyes, big eyes, almond shaped eyes, thin lips, thick lips etc. We can make them look as we want by using cosmetic on our face. We can make look eyes bigger by putting out some eyeshades according to the shape of an eye. A liner helps a lot in making them as we want.

• Set a Base:

A foundation is something that has to be perfect. If the base of a face is not perfect then no one can make a makeup look good. A foundation should be smooth and shiny. A caky foundation, which means that multiple layers of foundation makes face look flat and when we smile, it starts making cracks on face which doesn’t at all look good specially in lights and cameras. A makeup artist knows, how much foundation is required according to a face and which foundation goes according to the complexion of a client.

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